What is a cookie?

The cookie is information saved to Your computer by the web site You visit. Cookies usually save Your settings, web settings, such as Your preferred language or address. Later, when You open the same web page again, the internet browser sends back the cookies that belong to that page. This allows the page to display information tailored to Your needs. Cookies can store a wide range of information including personal information (such as Your name or e-mail address). However, this information can only be saved if you enable it – websites can not gain access to information that you have not provided and can not access other files on Your computer or mobile device. Default activity for saving and sending cookies is not visible to You. However, You can change Your Internet browser settings so You can choose for yourself whether or not to approve or reject cookie requests, delete cookies automatically when you close your browser, and such.

In order for the site to work properly and to improve Your browsing experience, it is necessary to save the minimum amount of information (cookies) on your computer. Most web sites use cookie, and according to the EU rules and in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act, the Personal Data Protection Act, EU Directives 2002/58 / EC and 95/46 / EC and the GDPR Directive, it is mandatory to request user consent. By using this web site, You agree to the use of the cookies, whose blocking allows You to view the page, but some of its features will not work.

How to disable cookies?

By turning off cookies, You decide whether to allow cookies to be stored on your computer or mobile device. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in Your web browser. If You decide to disable cookies, You may not be able to use all functions on the website.

What are temporary cookies?

Temporary cookies or session cookies are removed from Your computer by closing Your internet browser. With them, websites store temporary information, like items in a shopping cart.

What are permanent cookies?

Permanent or saved cookies remain on your computer after you close your internet browser program. With them, websites store information such as your login name and password, so you do not have to sign in for each visit to a particular location. Permanent cookies will remain on your computer for days, months, even years.

What are first-party cookies?

First-party cookies come from the sites you are browsing and can be permanent or temporary. With these cookies, websites can store the data they will use again when You visit the site again.

What are third-party cookies?

Third-party cookies come from ads from other sites (such as pop or other ads) that are on the site You are browsing. With these cookies, websites can track Internet usage for marketing purposes.

Does this web site use cookies?

Yes, with the primary purpose of providing a better user experience.

What kind of cookies does this web site use and why?

Session cookies – are cookies that point out (and are automatically deleted) when you close the Internet browser. We use “session cookies” to enhance our user experience during Your visit.

Persistent cookies – usually have a date expiring far into the future and will stay in your browser until it expires or until you manually delete them. We use permanent cookies to better understand the habits of the user so we can improve the website according to Your habits. However, based on this data collected, it is not possible to identify You as a user, and the collected data is used exclusively for statistical purposes.

Does the website have third-party cookies?

There are several external services that save cookies to user’s device. These cookies are not set up by this web site, but some serve the normal functioning of certain features that make it easier for users to access content. Therefore, the information on the protection of the information You are familiar with here only applies to this website, and data protection by external services needs to be checked on their official website. We currently allow:

This site uses a translation plugin, Polylang, which uses the language-memory cookie that the user chooses when he returns to the site, but does not collect any other personal information.

Additional information on disabling cookies

There are currently several web sites to exclude cookies for different services. You can read more at the following links: